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The idea is to rent a house (me and a few women) for 1 month or several months in a warm place to do spiritual sessions for us and others
seeking women to rent a house for yoga retreat spiritual and tantric massages with me. i want to rent a house over the winter months somewhere warm (maybe mexico, spain, greece, portugal, Italy, asia or further away) and offer spiritual sessions and tantric sessions for locals and visitors during this time. I am looking for one or more spiritual women who want to join in. If this works out we could do this long term :-) I will also teach you all i know about tantra and massage. Write me... Massages will of course be free for you :-)

Free Massage Offer

Offering free chakra massages worldwide. If you are a woman or a group of female friends, I offer to give you free chakra massages. In return we record this for my youtube channels. If you are interested let me know on +42077626831 whatsapp. Ideally, i can stay with you to reduce my travel costs. You can see one of my massages below. Age is not important but you must be a woman. I have done 400 massages sometimes even with two women at the same time. From healing massages to pleasure tantric massages. So i have lots of experience.
(If you prefer not to be on youtube you can pay for the massage or just allow me to stay with you)

Ofresco masajes gratis de chakras para mujeres en todo el mundo. A Cambio vamos a grabar el masaje para mis cadenas de youtube. Si tienes amigas que tambien quieren un masaje energetica gratis no hay problema. Tambien puedo hacerlo. Me puedes contactar +42077626831 whatsapp. Seria ideal que me puedo quedar contigo para ahorar costes de viaje

Offrant des massages de chakra gratuits dans le monde entier. Si vous êtes une femme ou un groupe d’amis, j’offre il vous donne des massages gratuits de chakra. En retour, nous enregistrons ceci pour vos chaînes YouTube. Si vous a intéressé faites le moi savoir sur +42077626831 WhatsApp. Idéalement, je peux rester avec vous pour réduire mes frais de déplacement. Vous pouvez voir l'un de nos massages ci-dessous. L'âge n'est pas important mais vous devez être une femme

Offre massaggi di chakra gratuiti in tutto il mondo. Se sei una donna o un gruppo di amiche, ti offro ti dà massaggi di chakra gratuiti. In cambio registriamo questo per i tuoi canali YouTube. Se tu è interessato fammi sapere su whatsapp +42077626831. Idealmente posso stare con te per ridurre i costi di viaggio. Puoi vedere uno dei nostri massaggi qui sotto. L'età non è importante ma devi essere una donna

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